"That one can't

pinpoint or categorize Puppetina's cliche-free music only adds

to its aura of quirk, strangeness, and charm."

- LA Weekly


Otherworldly music duo Puppetina features vocalist Anna Homler and multi-instrumentalist Stephanie Payne. Homler sings in a melodic phonetic language that evokes other times and worlds as Payne's unique use of keyboards, traditional and toy instruments is the perfect accompaniment.

Though inspired by both world and eclectic music, the true source Puppetina's inspiration comes from the tones of the instruments themselves. They enjoy finding sounds in such commonplace objects as potato slicers, kitchen timers, plastic tape, and even recipe files. Payne creates hypnotizing loops and haunting melodies while Homler's voice is stunningly pure and compelling.

As both women share a common background in art, there is a strong visual component to Puppetina. Unusual lighting sources are found to illumine their soundtables, which are covered in the vast array of their instruments and objects. Puppetina's setting has been described as "a musical feast...tempting the eyes and ears of their audience. "